Your Donation Does Make A Difference

Within our thriving economy and community, people are making a difference by choosing to give and direct donations through the RGV Community Foundation. Giving back is not simply writing a check and moving on. By giving to the community you are making an impact. By giving to the foundation you impact local needs and organizations and are able to see and experience the difference your investment and generosity is making.

We will work with you to find the non-profit or group that can carry on your passion through the organization’s work. The RGV Community Foundation takes the administrative work out of your donation and finds the best fit for your purposes and desires.

Why using the RGV Community Foundation for your Donation makes Sense
By choosing to partner with the RGV Community Foundation you are guaranteeing that your money not only contributes to the immediate needs of the community, but future needs as well.

The RGV Community Foundation is more than just about a “one-time’ contribution; it is about an opportunity to invest in our community’s life.

What the RGV Community Foundation provides:

  • An excellent tax exempt option
  • An easy way to target and give money to areas of importance to you
  • Can provide funding for future projects and organizations
  • An easy to use process to give money
  • A matchmaking process that helps you make the biggest impact

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